Three Uncommon Beauty Artists Featured in Second Issue of Foreign Look Magazine

Three Uncommon Beauty artists including Nina Klein, Evelyn Sosa, and Andrea Hurtarte were recently featured in the second issue of Foreign Look Magazine, a fashion and culture publication based in NYC. This particular issue focused on real life women role models. Congratulations to our artists for this honorable recognition of both talent and character.

Click here for a free sneak peek of the feature story on Nina Klein’s Mirrors series. Full issue available for purchase here.

nina klein mirror.jpg

Series: “Mirrors”

Nina’s latest series “Mirrors” is a combination of figure paintings and large-scale painted wooden figures and abstract shapes.

Through the figures, she’s creating a new iconography of the female form. The female form has long been an object of voyeurism. A space in which people unconsciously project their views of sexuality and gender roles. The figures are a celebration of femininity and act like mirrors-reflecting the onlookers’ gender views back onto themselves. The refractive microspheres used on parts of her wooden figures symbolically allude to these mirrors.

She created anonymity in the faceless and incomplete bodies of the wooden figures so as to mark them as unmistakable icons of the feminine. Nina’s abstract shapes adhere to the same color relationships and media as her figures. The shapes offer a complimentary space for one to contemplate the idea of the self…