ART SHE SAYS Artist Of The Month: Nina Klein


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Nina Klein is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Santa Monica, California, who creates minimal figurative drawings and sculptural, impasto, and abstract paintings that explore the human condition. Klein utilizes a variety of materials to create her lines, shapes and sculptural texture, including pen, pencil, digital drawing tools, oil paint, plaster and metal wire. Through her work, she highlights and advocates femininity as an aim to create a shift in the social construct of the inferiority it holds against masculinity. Her work embraces all the various seasons, shapes and spaces of a woman’s life. 

With her blue nude palette and minimal timid lines, Klein’s work is introspective and powerful as she highlights and strengthens the softness and vulnerability of the female silhouette. Read on to gain further perspective into an artist who is not afraid to embrace the strength of the female gaze.